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Best Trendy Bar

“The owners and management make everyone feel VIP. Always a great crowd. Some of us have been patrons for YEARS. When bars & clubs come and go, it’s nice to know this place is still around.” The best places in and around North Texas, based on more than 16,000 votes from local experts. Congratulations to the 2017 Winners!

2017 BEST Trendy Bar – Finalist (Top 5)
2016 BEST Trendy Bar – Runner-Up (#2)
2013 BEST Trendy Bar – Finalist (Top 5)
2010 BEST Trendy Bar – Finalist (Top 5)
2009 BEST Trendy Bar – Winner (#1)

Best in DFW

The Knox-Henderson linchpin is the only boom-boom room to crack this top 10. Its virtues: DJs who don’t program down to their audience, a narrow rectangular space that creates a sense of moment whether it’s packed or thinly populated, buttery lighting and recently freshened décor.

Best Bar of the 00’s

Opened in the hard door era following the success of Sense, it both outdrew and outlasted its sibling. The ownership changed, but that’s about it. Candleroom still has the same bartending crew, a similar plush design and stellar DJs. And if you want to get a sense of the decade, it is still the place to go.

General Info


Hours of Operation
Wednesday 10pm-2am
Friday 10pm-2am
Saturday 10pm-2am

Inquiries, RSVP, Table Service, Private Events:
214.370.4155 or

5039 Willis Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206
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The Dallas Morning News :

“On the seven deadly sins scale, Candleroom rates an of-the-moment six of seven (pride, envy, sloth, lust, greed, wrath). Absent: gluttony.”

AOL Cityguide: City’s Best :

“one of the most handsome drinking destinations in Dallas”

CitySearch :

Dallas’ Premier Progressive Lounge “Lighting up Dallas for over 13 yrs”

D Magazine, Best Of :

“Best Place You Can’t Get Into”

Worlds Finest Clubs - Candleroom